A brief overview of Imitation Learning

Basics of Imitation Learning

Behavioural Cloning

Behavioural cloning can fail if the agent makes a mistake (source)

Direct Policy Learning (via Interactive Demonstrator)

The general direct policy learning algorithm

Inverse Reinforcement Learning

  • We start with a set of expert’s demonstrations (we assume these are optimal) and then we try to estimate the parameterized reward function, that would cause the expert’s behaviour/policy.
  • We update the reward function parameters.
  • Then we solve the reinforced learning problem (given the reward function, we try to find the optimal policy).
  • Finally, we compare the newly learned policy with the expert’s policy.
The differences between the model-given and the model-free IRL algorithms


  • advantages: very simple, can be quite efficient in certain applications
  • disadvantages: no long-term planning, a mismatch can occur in the state distribution between training and testing (in some applications this can lead to critical failure)
  • use when: the application is “simple”, so an error committed by the agent does not lead to severe consequences
  • advantages: efficient when trained, has long-term planning
  • disadvantages: interactive expert/demonstrator is required
  • use when: application is more complex and an interactive expert is available
  • advantages: does not need interactive expert, very efficient when trained (in some cases can outperform the demonstrator), has long-term planning
  • disadvantages: can be difficult to train
  • use when: application is more complex, an interactive expert is not available or it might be easier to learn the reward functions than the expert’s policy


Deep Learning and AI solutions from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. http://smartlab.tmit.bme.hu/

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SmartLab AI

SmartLab AI

Deep Learning and AI solutions from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. http://smartlab.tmit.bme.hu/

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